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Unique, handcrafted, personalised marzipan confectionery - made just for you!

Mother's Day - Sunday 15th March
Easter Day - Sunday 5th April

Special days are on the way!  Why not give chocolate gifts a miss this year and give something truly original from Lovemarzipan?

In our Gift Shop you will find 100% marzipan Easter Eggs, marzipan greetings cards , or send your love with a Marzigram Mini Cake that has your own message on the top.  We also have a fantastic range of Marzigrams - our unique, edible telegrams - to suit every occasion.

Our Gift Shop includes over 90 delightful, surprising and mouthwatering marzipan gifts for every age and taste, all made by hand, to order only, with love and care.  Many of our gifts can be personalised with messages to make them extra special.  And if you can't see exactly what you are looking for, just get in touch and we'll do our best to make something exclusively for you! 

So if you are a marzipan fan, or know someone who is, you've come to the right place to be inspired!

PS. Looking for Marzipan Fruits?  Ours are deliciously different!


A marzipan classic updated.

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Send your own message in marzipan!
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Mix n' match
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